How can I find out about the status of my order?
Please be informed, orders may take up to 3 BUSINESS DAYS (Monday-Friday) to be processed.
The best way to find out about the status of your order is to check your email for shipment notification. Please be sure to check your spam or junk mailboxes for an email from with subject: "Dying Fetus Shipment Confirmation." For the future, it will be helpful to add to your contacts to insure proper receipt of the notification. A second method is to log in to your customer account on our site. Your order status will say "PENDING" until your package ships. Once your package is shipped, the status will be changed to "Shipped," and you will be able to track your package. If it is beyond 3 BUSINESS DAYS (Monday-Friday), and you have not received a shipment confirmation, please contact customer service for details on your order. Customer service can be reached by email at

What are your hours?
Purchases can be made online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm EST, with some holiday exceptions. Please do not contact us for order status if it is within 3 business days from when you placed your order. Your order may still be being processed within that time and can only be attended to for size or address corrections. Please direct specific questions about the status of your order to Customer Service (and not our social media presence.) Customer service can be reached by email at Inquiries will be addressed in the order of which they are received.

Should I create an account on your site?
Yes! Account registration is simple and secure. We DO NOT sell your personal information or use it for anything other than fulfilling your order. You can easily log back in to check on the status of current orders, view order history, and update your contact information. This is particularly helpful if you are one of our much appreciated frequently returning customers. Also, you can redeem Dying Fetus webstore Gift Certificates directly to your account, which will remain there as a credit to be spent anytime within the expiration period. No need to keep track of long gift card codes or print outs!

What payment methods are accepted on your site?
At this time we accept payment by means of Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Paypal. All payment transactions must be processed on our website. Your credit card information will not be accepted over a phone call to insure PCI compliance and maximum protection of your identity and card information.

My card was declined / I can't get my order to go through
It is important to enter your billing information exactly as it appears on your card statement, even if you have recently moved. It is helpful to ship to the same country and location as your billing address, though this is not required. It is possible that your funds will be placed on hold EVERY TIME you click "Place Your Order." The funds do not actually come out of your account and are not received by us until you have successfully completed an order. You will know when you have successfully completed an order when an Order Confirmation page, with order number, appears on your screen. If any funds do become placed on hold by your bank, they will be automatically returned to your account within 1-2 business days.

What does it mean when an item is a Pre-order?
Preorder items are items that are sold prior to a manufacture or release date. A tentative or estimated shipping date will be stated when an item is up for sale. Some pre-order albums will offer a digital download. If the item description states “Free Digital Download Included,” you will receive a unique download code included with your order upon delivery. If a pre-order release states “Digital Download sent on release date," a download of the release will be sent to the email address attached to your Dying Fetus webstore customer account. It is encouraged that you attempt your download on a secure internet connection for best download results.

How do I redeem my gift certificate?
It's simple. Just create or log in to your customer account and click "Redeem Gift Certificate," enter your gift certificate code, and click "Redeem." The gift certificate value will be added to your "Current Balance," and can be applied during checkout of any order as long as you are logged in. No need to keep track of long gift card codes or print outs!

What are the dimensions of your apparel?
We have a pretty thorough size chart available. Click the "SIZE CHART" button in the footer to check it out!